Essay Writing Activities

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An algorithm for student's success

In order to be a successful student,one should be dedicated to studying.Being ambitious is also a trait that one must put into consideration because learning is a challenging task for anyone.The most competitive student is the one who is highly rewarded therefore the student should be determined to attaining the highest mark.One of the major things a student should posses is discipline in making sure that they beat the deadline in submitting their essays and term papers.This can be achieved through proper management of the little time at their disposal.This might be challenging but one has to persevere.
The most effective way of gaining knowledge is by getting resources from other students and scholars.

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Essay Writing Exercises

Being a good essay writer takes a lot of work. You can’t just write the best essay overnight. It takes hard work and a lot of practice. But sometimes, you may be practicing so much but your skills still don’t improve. This is because you're practicing without a clear goal. Every time you write, you must at least have a clear goal in mind so that you can direct your writing towards that goal. There are also times that you should do some essay writing exercises to further develop your skills.

Following some writing prompts is one of the writing exercises you can do. It’s something that a lot of creative writers do but it can also be done by essay writers. It’s an easy exercise that can also be enjoyable. It’s also one of the exercises that can fight off writer’s block. Writing prompts can be done individually but it can also be conducted with a partner.

In writing prompts, you’ll be given an instruction on what you must do. For example, a writing prompt can tell you to describe a feeling, how it affects your body and mind, without having to exactly say what the feeling is. Another example of writing prompt is by picking a photograph of people you don’t know. In this prompt, you have to write (or invent) a story about one of the people in the photo.

One of the most challenging and definitely my favorite is by writing a short story that’s 26 sentences long, each sentence has to start with the next letter of an alphabet. When I’m running out of ideas for a short story, I do this out of habit. It definitely helps to me to be inspired.

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